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Prescription Hair Loss Treatment - Drug Therapy

A Range Of Prescription Hair Loss Treatments

For some patients the decision to undergo surgery may not be for them at that time, or that their individual case of hair loss is not severe enough to warrant surgery. 

However, in these cases hair loss medication may provide an alternative option. Some hair loss plans can incorporate both a transplant that may include and a course of hair loss drugs. This will be fully explained by your Surgeon who will discuss all of your options with you in the consultation. We offer prescription hair loss drugs that can help fight the battle of premature balding and thinning hair. 

Our Elite range includes:
  • Propecia (Finasteride) - Male pattern baldness is medically termed Androgenetic Alopecia. It accounts for 95% of all male hair loss.  As a DHT blocker, Propecia® works to halt the various forms of Alopecia (pattern baldness) that occur in men

  • Avodart (Dutasteride) Dutasteride works in the same way Propecia does, by inhibiting both Type I and Type II 5-alpha reductase enzymes responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT

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