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My EHR Surgery Journey - Stephen

At Elite Hair Restoration, we undertake many successful hair transplant procedures. We understand that clients (pre-procedure) like to know what to expect when entering the surgery, undergoing the procedure and what kind of results can be achieved. For this reason, we have compiled the following photo gallery of one of our clients Stephen to show his journey in photos.

Hair Transplant - Before and After
Stephen Had 1500 FUE hair transplant grafts at our Birmingham clinic.

1. Before The Procedure

2. Before The Procedure

3. Before The Procedure

4. Just afterwards - follicles implanted

5. The donor area. (No strip removed with FUE). Each hair follicle is harvested individually.

6. Just afterwards - a patch is left near the front where existing hair is already thicker.


8. After a short while redness heals,
giving a more natural look.


10. Post-Op Check Up

11. Post-Op Check Up - Transplanted hair
blending nicely with existing hair.

12. Post-Op Check Up

13. Post-Op Check Up

14. Post-Op Check Up

15. At home a few weeks later




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