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Is The Cheap Option Worth The Risk?  
Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey & Is It Worth The Risk? 
The global hair transplant industry is worth more than $6 billion — and a sixth of this value comes from Turkey. 
Turkey is a popular hair transplant destination, thanks to its cut-rate hair restoration treatments. You only need to spend a couple of days in the center of Istanbul to see a swarm of patients with branded head bands ready to board a plane home back to the UK. 
But Turkey has a notoriously poor safety record when it comes to cosmetic surgery — including hair transplants. A 2021/2022 survey of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that over 90% of complications following cosmetic surgery occurred in Turkish clinics. 
While there are some good hair transplant clinics in Turkey, there are also many unlicensed surgeons offering black market hair transplants. These fraudsters prey on people with low confidence and low budgets with targetted Instragram Adverts offering very cheap surgery with Transfers, Hotels and sometimes even Flights inclided in the low cost, so what really are you paying for the actual Surgery?? — but ultimately people who have a hair transplant on the black market can end up paying far more. Globally, a staggering 96.4% of ISHRS members reported that up to a quarter of the hair transplant repairs they performed last year were due to a previous black market hair transplant. 
ISHRS Blackmarket Figures 
Repair Cases Due To Black Market Hair Transplants 
Even the larger, more established hair transplant clinics in Istanbul don’t always adhere to the legal requirement to have a doctor carry out the hair transplant procedure. Instead in a recent Daily Mail article, an undercover report evidenced the fact that the main 'responsible surgeon' simply oversaw upto 50 hair transplants in 1 day perfored by unregulated members of staff. 
It has been reported that demand for hair transplants is so high that in some cases taxi drivers and refugees are conducting hair transplant surgery. And with some clinics estimated to perform up to 50 surgeries a day, this can lead to thousands of unsuccessful transplants — or worse, medical complications.  
So is it worth the risk? And how can you tell if your hair transplant surgery abroad will be safe and successful? 
To find out, we’ve conducted a survey of over 80 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul to find out whether these low-cost hair transplants are truly worth the risk. 
How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey? 
We surveyed over 80 hair transplant clinics to analyse the true cost and value of the hair transplant industry in Turkey. Our research focused on clinics offering Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Istanbul only, since this is Turkey’s central hub for international tourism. 
We wanted to compare the results to the findings of our hair transplant costs UK study, so we requested quotes using the same photographs (male patient with Norwood Stage 2-3) for both studies. 
Here’s what our hair transplant research in Turkey shows: 
The average hair transplant in Istanbul costs £1,464 / €1,745 / $1,840 
The cheapest price we were quoted was £850 / €1,000/ $1,050, while the highest was £2,490 / €3,000 / $3,150 
The average price per graft was £0.55 / €0.46 / $0.69 
90% of quotes included a minimum of 2 nights’ accommodation 
100% of quotes included airport transfers to and from your hotel 
On average, surgeons have 10 years’ experience in completing hair transplant surgery 
20% of the emails we sent bounced without reaching the recipient — suggesting that almost a fifth of the clinics advertising transplants are no longer in operation. 
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