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Crown Hair Transplants - What You Need To Know 
Hair loss affects men differently. While some experience a receding hairline, others lose hair on the crown of the scalp. A highly skilled hair transplant surgeon is needed to create a natural-looking, dense result when restoring hair in the crown. Here we address some common misconceptions related to crown hair restoration and why a skilled surgeon is essential. Elite Hair Restoration have some of the UK's leading Hair Restoration Surgeons perforing FUT and FUE throughout the major cities in the UK, inlcuding Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and London. 
The Natural Whorl Pattern in the Crown 
Hair grows in a circular pattern in the crown, known as the whorl or swirl. Creating incisions for hair to appear dense and natural is an art form. A skilled surgeon must make tiny incisions placed closely together at varying angles that mimic the natural swirl. Random incisions placed closely together may grow hair but may not look natural, result in styling restrictions, and may be obvious to the public. Correctly implanting the actual follicular units into the incisions can also be challenging. Technicians must not inadvertently damage the grafts or harm the surrounding ones in the implantation process. 
Crown Hair Transplant Timeline 
Hair placed in the crown might take a little longer to grow, with full maturation occurring within 12-18 months. After a crown procedure, the recipient area will take about a week or two to appear fairly well healed. Four to six weeks later, most if not all of the transplanted hair in the crown will shed. After about 3 to 4 months, tiny hairs lacking full pigment will begin to sprout, although they won’t all grow simultaneously. Over the next couple of months, these hairs will darken and grow as they mature and begin to look more like normal hair. Typically, after six months, the transplanted hair will be approximately 60 to 70% mature. 
How Much Does a Crown Hair Transplant Cost? 
The cost of a hair transplant to address the crown is essentially the same as a procedure to address other areas such as the hairline/front or mid-scalp. The cost depends on various factors such as the type of procedure, location, and the number of follicular units being transplanted. The cost per graft for FUT typically ranges from £2 to £2.50 per graft. For FUE, the cost per graft can range from £2.00 to £3.50 per graft. Smaller procedures performed at Elite Hair Restoration are priced higher up to 1,000 Grafts, as you increase the graft number the average cost per graft reduces. One must be aware that not all clinics are equal, and the quality of a clinic’s result is not necessarily related to pricing. 
Does the Crown Area Grow Slower Than Other Areas? 
There is no evidence that transplanting hair in the crown will cause it to grow slower than the rest of the scalp. Hair may appear to grow slower in the crown because the area may be thinner than the rest of the scalp due to the whorl pattern, as hair fans out from a central location. A skilled surgeon will limit the number of grafts used in the crown to create an illusion of density because the donor hair supply is limited, and the cosmetic impact is greater with the reconstruction of the hairline and frontal zone. Committing too many grafts to the crown may cause overharvesting of the donor site, limiting future transplantation. 
In conclusion, restoring hair in the crown area requires a highly skilled surgeon who understands the natural whorl pattern and can strategically create tiny incisions at varying angles to mimic the natural swirl. The hair transplant timeline for the crown area is essentially the same as for other areas of the scalp, with full growth usually occurring around 12 months post-op. While the cost of a hair transplant to address the crown is essentially the same as for other areas, it depends on several factors such as the type of procedure, clinic location, and the number of follicular units being transplanted. Despite the potential for slower growth and thinner appearance in the crown area, a skilled surgeon can still create the illusion of density with limited grafts. By choosing one of Elite Hair Restoration's highly skilled surgeons, patients can achieve a natural and dense-looking result they can be proud of. 
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