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How To Cope With The Early Signs Of Hair Loss 
Hair loss can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience, affecting self-confidence, body image and mental well-being. If you are concerned about hair loss, it can be helpful to be familiar with the warning signs. In this article, Elite Hair Restoration Ltd will explore the early signs of hair loss and ways to prevent it from getting worse. 
Hair loss can manifest in different ways and under various circumstances, so it is crucial to identify the specific type of pattern baldness that may be affecting you. Warning signs may include: 
• Gradual thinning of hair from the top of the scalp: This is the most common type of hair loss, which occurs in both men and women, usually with age. In men, it begins as a receding hairline from the forehead in a ‘m’ shape, while women develop a broader parting in their hair. 
• Patchy or bald spots: If you notice tiny patches of hair missing from your scalp, around the size of a coin, this could be a sign of alopecia areata, a form of hair loss. This condition typically affects the scalp but can also occur on beards or eyebrows. The skin can become itchy or irritated before the hair falls out. 
• Spreading of scaly patches on your scalp: If you observe scaly patches developing on your scalp, which are possibly becoming irritated, swollen, and red, it is important to see your doctor, as this could indicate ringworm. Broken or damaged hair may also accompany this symptom. 
• Sudden loss of hair: A sudden loss of hair while combing, brushing, or washing your hair can be a traumatic experience. This type of hair loss usually indicates an overall thinning of the hair, rather than bald patches as you would find with alopecia areata. 
Hair loss can also be influenced by various risk factors, such as family history of balding, stress, weight loss, age, medical conditions, hormone changes, and certain hairstyles. Although hair loss can be induced by several causes, there are treatments available to slow down or reverse it. These treatments vary based on the severity and duration of hair loss. 
If you are looking to make lifestyle changes to prevent hair loss from occurring, you could try following these tips: 
• Stop smoking  
• Avoid tight hairstyles  
• Resist playing with your hair too much  
• Brush your hair gently  
• Avoid hot rollers and curling irons to style your hair 
If you are experiencing significant hair loss then we can arrange a free online consultation seven days a week, this would be a good idea, as we can provide excellent advice on treatments to support hair regrowth and conservation. If you are concerned about hair loss, contact Elite Hair Restoration Ltd to find out more. 
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