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Wearing a Hat Folowing Hair Transplant Surgery - A Post Surgery Guide To Hair Transplant Results & Aftercare 
Can I Wear A Hat After Hair Transplant Surgery - a blog about wearing hats after hair transplant surgery. 
Can I Still Wear a Hat After a Hair Transplant? 
You've just had hair transplant surgery, and your doctor told you can wear a hat. You're feeling good and you're on your way to see the world with that new head of hair. But the question is: can I wear a hat? 
Yes, you can wear a hat after hair transplant surgery. 
It is essential to protect your scalp from the sun for about one month after the operation. 
Any loose fitting cap will be safe to wear occasionally; if it fits on your head very tightly, it might not be advisable to use it. 
Hats should not be worn unnecessarily for two weeks after surgery since this can hinder the healing process. 
If you wear a hat consistently after surgery you could create complications like infections from developing. 
Wearing a Hat after Hair Transplant Surgery 
It is possible to wear a hat after hair transplant surgery, as long as they fit properly and don't put too much pressure on the grafts. It is important to find a hat that fits you well and is comfortable. 
You can wear hats during the healing process, but make sure that there are no pressure points on the head. Also make sure that the hat does not rub against any of your new grafts. If you have any concerns about wearing a hat, consult with your doctor before proceeding. 
The most common question patients ask about their new hair transplant is how soon they can start wearing hats again. The answer? It depends on how you're feeling and how much time has passed since your procedure. Generally speaking, people are able to wear hats on the second or third day after surgery. If you've had an aggressive session with many grafts taken from different parts of your scalp (e.g., vertex), then it may take longer for your scalp to heal before it's safe to wear one again. 
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