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Depression and Hair Loss - How Can We Help & Support Patients 
Hair loss, which can be due to various factors, is a common condition that affects both men and women. For many people, this condition is easily treatable using hair restoration methods such as surgery or medication. However, some individuals are so affected by their hair loss that it leads to serious psychological issues like depression. 
Hair loss doesn't have to mean you're depressed, but if it does cause you distress, don't be afraid to talk about it with Elite Hair Restoration. 
We live in a society that teaches us not to talk about our feelings, especially those of the emotional variety. When it comes to hair loss, this is particularly true. For example: If you suffer from hair loss, nobody will tell you they’re sorry when they see you with a bald spot. Instead, they’ll make a joke or change the subject as quickly as possible. This may seem like no big deal when it happens once or twice during your life, but multiply that by hundreds or thousands of times over your lifetime and suddenly we're talking about something significant enough to cause depression by itself! 
Hair loss doesn't have to mean you're depressed though—and Elite Hair Restoration would never tell anyone otherwise! But if it does cause distress for you (or someone else), don't be afraid to talk about it with us at Elite Hair Restoration. We are here for all of our patients 24/7/365 and would love nothing more than helping them get back on their feet again with our incredible surgical procedures designed specifically for people suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. 
This can be treated with medication or surgery, but if you find yourself feeling depressed or anxious over the loss of your hair, don't be afraid to talk to Elite Hair Restoration. They'll help you get back on track and feel like yourself again! 

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