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Free Hair Loss Advice And Support Seven Days A Week From Elite Hair Restoration  
Save Time & Money with A Free Professional Hair Loss Consultation 
If you are losing your hair or already bald then you may have Googled hair loss treatments online to seek help and guidance on what can be done, where, when and by whom? 
The advice you read will no doubt overwhelm you with thousands of clinics throughout the UK and Abroad offering amazing prices, superb numbers of grafts and all sorts of packages to convince you to book a treatment with them. 
Who has time to go through these pages and study them? 
Forums are another location where unsuspecting patients seek advice from unqualified bloggers who retain fees for lead referrals where the only truth behind their assistance is commission! Poor advice and high risk follows closely behind. 
The issue of hair loss and baldness is a sensitive one for most patients. They could be struggling mentally with losing their hair and because they may be in amore desperate situation to find a solution quickly, they may opt for a friendly faceless blogger with good before and after photos, mostly taken from other companies web pages. 
There's no doubt that in recent years there have been a range of hair loss clinics as well as products aimed to meet just about every budget with many promoting their abilities to help prevent hair loss and regrow lost hair. 
However, despite spending money on these products the buyer will probably find that their hair loss issues continue due to DHT in their system and then to add to this, some of these untested products may even deliver worrying side effects. 
Free professional hair loss consultations 
So, how easy is it to access professional hair loss advice? The answer is very easy if you contact Elite Hair Restoration Ltd. A free online consultation is available seven days a week from 8am to 8pm and you don't even need to leave your armchair! 
The first thing to do is speak with Andrew (Senior Hair Loss Advisor) as it is important to appreciate that when it comes to hair loss there's no simple solution because we are all different and our hair is being lost for a variety of reasons. 
It's also important to appreciate that hair loss can also be a symptom of another issue so it's important to speak with a professional who can help diagnose the problem and then provide an individual hair loss treatment plan. This will then allow us to assess photos and provide a Written Quotation should a treatment be a medically suitable and viable option. 
The most suitable hair loss treatment plan 
At Elite Hair Restoration Ltd we cover all of the bases and our specialists patient advisors assist you from the initial consultation, which is also free, with a hair loss assessment to help determine what the most suitable hair loss treatment plan is for you, FUT, FUE, SMP, PRP, Laser or Non-Surgical. 
This may include undergoing a hair transplant and we have clinics around the UK for this to take place. 
There are also other techniques that may reverse and remedy a wide range of hair loss concerns. 
We have an every increasing number of success stories and testimonials so you can find out how great our results can be. 
For more help and advice about hair loss and baldness and about the potential treatments then speak with the Andrew Cooper at Elite Hair Restoration Ltd to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and start your journey to a fuller head of hair. 
P: 0800 1712430 
M: 07802 493234 
E: info@elitehairrestoration.co.uk 
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