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Could 2023 Be The Year You Restore Your Hair To Its Former Glory 
This Hair Transplant Surgery can Transform your Life in the New Year, Call Now 08001712430: a blog around hair restoration and why its a good resolution. 
As we roll into the new year, you may be setting resolutions for yourself. How about making one to restore your hair? Our licensed medical staff at Elite Hair Restoration is skilled in FUE and Strip technique procedures that will result in a full and natural-looking embrace of your hairline. 
Hair restoration surgery is the practice of transplanting healthy hair follicles derived from "donor sites" (typically in the back or side of the scalp) to bald or balding "recipient sites" in patients suffering from pattern hair loss. This can be performed on patients who have mild to severe hair loss. 
New Year Hair Transplant Surgery, Resolution to restore your hair. 
New Year Hair Transplant Surgery is a good resolution for you who want to repair your hair damaged by aging, hormone imbalance or genetics. The surgery can be performed in any number of sessions and can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as face lifts and eyelid surgery. 
As we age our hair follicles gradually lose their ability to grow new hairs, leading to the tell-tale signs of balding: thinning hair at the crown and receding forehead. This process is largely irreversible but there are options available which can improve the appearance of your hairline. 
A suitable candidate for a New Year Hair Transplant Surgery must have an adequate donor area (the area of scalp where hair is removed) and sufficient donor hair density (the amount of healthy hair follicles). There should also be no significant scarring or skin laxity in this area. 
The procedure involves removing either a strip of tissue from behind the ear known as the ‘donor site’ before transplanting it onto the bald part of the head where it will grow new hairs or extracting hairs one by one (this is FUT or FUE Hair Loss Surgery). 
While there are many possible treatments for ridding the body of male pattern baldness, Hair transplant surgery has been around for decades, and the newest advancements to the surgical process can be just as successful at restoring hair as ever. 
Considering how many people live a life with balding heads and even contemplate suicide, hair restoration surgery is an option that really needs to exist. Look for more information about your success rate as well as the relative safety of this surgical procedure in order to make your final decision. 
If your suffering with Hair Loss and want to make a significant change in 2023 at an affordable price then please contact Elite Hair Restoration today and Andrew - our Senior Hair Loss Advisor will contact you immediately to assist you. 
Consultations are Free, Online and Available 7 days a week! 

New Year Hair Transplant  

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