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Identify Your Pattern Of Hair Loss & What Solutions Are Available To You 
Experiencing hair loss can be disheartening, but you're not alone. Both men and women face this common challenge, with approximately 50% of women and over 80% of men dealing with significant hair loss. At Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, a leading hair transplant clinic in the UK, we understand that every case of hair loss is unique and requires personalized attention. Our leading UK based Hair Transplant Surgeons specialize in evaluating your specific hair loss pattern to create a customized hair restoration treatment plan tailored to your needs. 
The Natural Hair Growth Cycle: 
Understanding the hair growth cycle is crucial in addressing hair loss effectively. This cycle involves three main phases: 
The anagen or growth phase, which lasts two to six years. 
The catagen or transition phase, lasting about 10 days. 
The telogen or resting and shedding phase, lasting two to three months. 
Type 1: Androgenetic Alopecia - Male and Female Pattern Baldness: 
The most common form of hair loss for both men and women is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. Studies estimate that approximately 95% of hair loss in men is due to androgenetic alopecia. 
This hereditary pattern of hair loss occurs when hair follicles react to a byproduct of testosterone. In response, the follicles gradually shrink, leading to a shorter lifespan. Eventually, affected follicles cease to produce new hair, resulting in baldness or widespread thinning. 
For men, androgenetic alopecia often leads to a receding hairline, less hair on the crown, and eventual baldness. In women, hair typically thins more evenly across the scalp or from the center part out, rarely resulting in complete baldness. 
Type 2: Involutional Alopecia - Natural Aging Process: 
The second most common hair loss pattern after male and female pattern baldness is involutional alopecia. It typically develops as a natural part of the aging process when hair growth slows, leading to shorter hair growth phases. 
Consequently, hair follicles enter the resting phase more quickly, causing gradual and even thinning of the hair across the scalp. Additionally, the growth phase becomes shorter, leading to shorter overall hair length. 
Customized Hair Restoration Solutions: 
At Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, we take a holistic approach to hair loss treatment. Our experienced medical doctors, assesses your hair loss by considering your medical history, family hair loss patterns, and scalp condition. Based on these factors and your specific hair loss type, we offer a range of personalized hair restoration options, including: 
Custom-blended, prescription and prescription-strength medications 
Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) 
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy 
Hair transplant surgery 
Your hair loss journey deserves the utmost care and attention. At Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, our dedicated team focuses on providing you with the most suitable and effective hair restoration solutions. Schedule a consultation with Andrew Cooper at Elite Hair Restoration Ltd and our Hair Restoration team at our UK office to receive a personalized evaluation and treatment recommendations for your unique needs. Remember, you don't have to face hair loss alone – we are here to help you regain your confidence and natural-looking hair. 
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