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Washing Your Hair - The Ultimate Guide 
Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, a leading authority in hair care and restoration, emphasizes the importance of shower temperature for achieving glossy and healthy locks. According to Andrew Cooper, Managing Director of Elite Hair Restoration Ltd and a Hair Loss Expert, the shower temperature plays a crucial role in revitalizing hair and enhancing its natural shine. 
"If you're investing in high-end shampoos and conditioners without seeing the desired results, the culprit might be the temperature of your shower," says Andrew Cooper. Dull hair can result from various factors such as diet, sun exposure, and heat styling, but the shower temperature is often overlooked. 
Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, a reputable institution specializing in hair restoration with a global presence, is a UK-based provider of Hair Loss Surgery with clinics nationwide, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Nottingham. Andrew Cooper states, "In general, you can wash your hair with water that is 100°F or 38°C, slightly warmer than your body temperature. Hot water effectively removes filth, grime, and buildup from hair, preserving the internal protein structure and promoting blood flow to the scalp's follicles." 
Andrew Cooper further recommends adjusting the water temperature in the summer if a 38°C shower feels too hot, emphasizing the importance of finishing the hair wash routine with a cold rinse. "A cold rinse helps close open pores and raised cuticles, sealing the hair cuticles and maintaining a clean scalp. It also reduces sensitivity to debris, oil, and grease," adds Andrew Cooper. 
For those grappling with greasy hair, the typical go-to solution is dry shampoo. However, Andrew Cooper advises investing in a high-quality powdered dry shampoo and using it on freshly washed hair. This innovative technique involves "flipping" the hair to boost volume, resulting in a longer-lasting, oil-free appearance. Andrew Cooper also acknowledges the popularity of homemade powders, lauded for their effectiveness and cost efficiency compared to commercial alternatives. 
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