Male To Female Hair Transplant Surgery 
For patients identifying as transgender, you may be considering a transgender hair transplant. Hair transplant surgery can be carried out to thicken existing hair or  
restore hair where it has been lost and this can be an important part of the transitioning process. 
There are many different instances for when one may consider a transgender hair transplant. In general, there are 2 instances for when patients reach out for a hair transplant: 
As an M2F (Male to Female) patient, you might be considering a feminisation procedure for a masculine hairline 
As an F2M (Female to Male) patient, you might be considering restoring hair where it is thinning in an FtM transition. 
At Elite Hair Restoration Ltd, one of the UK's leading hair restoration surgery providers and premier hair trans hair transplant clinics, our surgeons are experienced performing trans hair reshaping. 
The distinguishable characteristics between male and female hairlines are an imperative gender trait, from the shape and position to the flow of hairs. 
However, crown hair loss and receding hairlines pose many problems especially when transitioning. So although male pattern baldness is an undesirable trait for most men, it can be severely distressing for M2F patients as it’s a recognisable side effect of male hormones. 
Nevertheless, the advancement in FUE hair transplants and non-surgical hair loss treatments has made it more accessible for transgender patients to receive treatments to aid in their transitioning process. 
In this article, we explore both surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments for transgender patients to help with their transition. We also outline the differences between male and female hairlines and the cost of both an FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery, which are both available at Elite Hair Restoration. 
Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular amongst the transgender community as they can help alter the appearance of your hairline, as well as add volume and thickness to areas that are thinning. Hair Transplants are a unique way to change the appearance of a patient’s hairline and hair crown to aid in their gender reassignment. 
Transgender hair transplant surgery is constructed with the patient’s transition in mind. Using a bespoke method, the procedure will be tailored entirely to the patient’s needs, whether they’re transitioning from M2F or F2M. This is because a male’s hairline differs from a female's hairline, so the appropriate measures will be discussed before the procedure during an in-depth consultation with our leading Patient Advocates and Hair Restoration Surgeons. 
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