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Your Hair Loss Consultation - What Is Involved In A Hair Loss Consultation 

Welcome to Elite Hair Restoration Ltd. We are dedicated to hair transplant surgery! We understand that the decision to undergo a hair transplant can be a difficult one, which is why we offer free online consultations seven days a week to help you understand the procedure and determine if it's the right choice for you. 
During your consultation, our experienced team will assess your hair loss and discuss your goals for the transplant. We'll also answer any questions you have about the surgery and the recovery process. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your hair restoration journey. 
Below is an outline as to what we will discuss with you and your hair. We hope this helps you make the decision to choose Elite Hair Restoration as your chosen Hair Loss Surgery Clinic. 
Medical Questionnaire To Check Medical Suitability For Hair Transplant Surgery. 
(A detailed list of questions about your current health including medications and previous surgery) 
Introduction of Advisor – what their role is and how they can guide and help the patient. 
(Who we are, our experience, and confirm your talking to someone with knowledge and experience) 
Clinic Recognition – Awards, Skills & Experience. 
(Our longstanding experience within the field of Hair Transplant Surgery in the UK) 
Things We Need To Know: 
1. Tell me about you and why you are here? 
2. What do you want to achieve from this Consultation? 
3. What are the most important things to you regarding your Hair Restoration? Understand a patient's 
Aesthetic Surgery Goals. 
(What you want to achieve from undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery to ensure we meet your expectations) 
Hair Loss Explained. 
(Why is this happening and understanding the causes of Hair Loss) 
FUT Strip Technique (advantages and disadvantages of Strip Surgery) 
(A detailed look at FUT Strip Harvest Hair Transplant Surgery) 
FUE Extraction Technique (advantages and disadvantages of FUE Surgery) 
(A detailed look at FUT Extraction Hair Transplant Surgery) 
Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery. 
(A detailed look at ARTAS/SmartGraft technology and how it's used in Hair Transplant Surgery) 
Explaining a Hair Follicle & Graft Implantation. 
(The structure of Hair and why the Surgery is performed the way it is) 
Pre-Surgery Preparation (run up to Surgery day 7 days prior) 
(How to prepare for a Hair Transplant Surgery to prevent any risks from undergoing Hair Transplant) 
Day Of Surgery. 
• Admission Time – Pre-Op Consent – Pre-Surgery Hair Line Design & Photos – Surgery – Post-Surgery Medication and Discharge from Clinic 
Pre Op Photos. 
• Clinic & Surgeons Pre-& Post Surgery Photos from Surgeons Portfolio 
• Post Op Initial Suture Removal Appointment For FUT 14 Days – 3 Month FUE ongoing to 24 months. 
• Highlight less invasive FUE, quicker recovery time, less invasive, less scarring….. 
Aftercare Appointments. 
• 14 Days (subject to surgery) – 6 Months – 12 months – 18 months & 2 Years 
• Set Price Per Graft for FUT or FUE 
Finance Packages With Online Application. 
( We have finance available from 6 months to 5 years) 
Surgeons – GMC, ISHRS, Credentials & Experience. 
(All Surgeons are qualified and insured to perform Hair Transplant Surgery, FUT & FUE) 
Hair Transplant Technicians & Surgical Assistants & Their Role. 
(The staff that assist a surgeon in his theatre whilst performing Hair Transplant Surgery) 
Testimonials from Happy Patients. 
(Doctify Reviews available online, from Verified Patients) 
Surgery Dates & Availability. 
(We operate across the UK in a Network of CQC Registered State Of The Art Facilities) 
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