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 Female Feminisation Surgery   



At Elite Hair Restoration, we also specialise in Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS) which aims to alter the secondary sexual facial characters from male to female. The face provides the first visual clue/impression about the sex of an individual. 
Facial FeminisationFacial Feminisation Surgery (FFS) refers to Plastic Surgery Procedures that are combined to alter the male face to bring the features closer in shape and size to those of an average female face. FFS has become increasingly sought after by transgender women since FFS is considered just as important or for some, even more, important than Gender Reassignment, Sex change Surgery, or hormonal therapy because it enables them to integrate socially as women. 
Some Gender Fluid individuals who are comfortable working in their male gender role will undergo FFS to enable them to integrate and live socially in their desired female role. While most FFS patients are Trans women, some women who are conscious of their faces being too masculine will also undergo FFS. 
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At Elite Hair Restoration, male to female breast augmentation is part of the Mtf transition and a popular procedure. 
MtF transgender individuals may develop some breast tissue after hormone therapy, but the size may remain small. For larger breasts, a transgender individual needs breast augmentation surgery. In breast augmentation surgery, a breast implant is placed inside the breasts to not only increase the size of breasts but can also improve the shape of breasts. 
Proud Founding Supporters of https://transfriend.ly/ 


Breast Enhancement 
Blepharoplasty, Eye Feminisation 
Cheek Enhancement 
Chin & Jaw Contouring 
Face, Neck or Brow Lift 
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